We at Spectre Systems provide many road construction services for residential, commercial, & municipal applications. Below is a list of services that includes, but is not limited to;

Water & Sewer

Full rehabilitation/replacement of sanitary/storm/water lines
Emergency water/sewer break repairs
Catch basin repairs/replacements
Water valve replacements
Fire hydrant repairs/replacements

Base Preparation

Clay supply/haul/place
Gravel supply/haul/place
Culvert supply & install
Drainage improvements
Geotextile supply & install
Foundation excavations
Neoweb supply & install *see projects*

Asphalt Paving

Municipal roads (new build & overlays)
Asphalt patching repairs
Walking trails
Parking Lots
Railway crossings
Culvert settlements

Maintenance Services

Line painting (parking stalls, handicap stalls, electric vehicle (EV) parking stalls, loading zones, basketball courts, etc.)
Hot pour crack sealing
Oil based sealcoating

Please contact us to inquire about any of these services or for any ones not listed.

Spectre Systems - Asphalt driveway construction

Spectre Systems - Asphalt driveway construction